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About WomenRock

Mandy at Womenrock, based in Borrowdale in the Lake District, offers specialised instruction to individuals, small groups, couples and familes.

She specialises in creating a calm and safe environment in which to develop confidence.

She welcomes clients of any gender but finds that women especially benefit from a female instructor.

To maximise quality of instruction and client contact group sizes are small so that she can meet you at your current level of skill. 

Whether you are wanting to try an activity for the first time, learn to lead or need high quality coaching to improve your performance and confidence Womenrock will help you achieve your goals.

 About Mandy

Mandy is an exceptionally well qualified and experienced instructor, her enthusiasm for the sport has given her over thirty years of worldwide climbing experience and her passion is in passing on her skills and knowledge to help others to get the most out of their own climbing.

Mandy is a qualified teacher and holds the 'Mountain Instructor Award' and her work as a 'Rope Access Supervisor' also gives her unparalleled knowledge of safety. Her ethos is about providing a personalised, high quality service focussed on your needs, taking things step by step, building confidence and skills to reach your goals.

Mountain Instructors Award

First Aid Certificate

Cave Leadership Certificate

Certificate of Education

Qualified Teacher Status

Industrial Roped Access Trade Association Level 3 (supervisor)

Association of Mountain Instructors Insurance cover 

Choose Your Sessions

The following is a guide to the types of sessions and costs but bear in mind elements from each can be combined to give a tailor made package for you.  Mandy is normally based in the Lake District but may be able to travel to other parts of the UK by request.

Beginners Taster Session

Where: Easily accessible valley crags 

Who for: For anyone who wants the excitement of trying rock climbing and abseiling with the safety of a supportive experienced instructor. 

Programme: Movement on rock, basic ropework, seconding climbs, abseiling. 


one to one half day or evening session - £80 

Group (up to 4 people) - £25 extra per person

Rock Climbing Improvers 

Where: Outside at either single or multi-pitch climbing venues 

Who for: Anyone with previous experience who wants to

develop their skills 

Programme: Many aspects can be covered depending on your interest 

* Refreshing skills and confidence 

* Coaching movement and improving climbing technique 

* Improving rope work 

* Overcoming blocks to learning, improving focus and psychology 

* Route choice, way finding and guidebook interpretation 


One to One full day £180 

2 People £200

Introduction to Rock Climbing 

Where: This can take place outside at either single or multi-pitch climbing venues 

Who for: No previous experience necessary, anyone wanting to learn and practise the fundamentals of rock climbing and abseiling. The aim is to give you the skills to feel confident and comfortable in the rock environment. 

Programme: Movement on rock, seconding climbs, ropework, belaying, use of equipment and abseiling 


One to One full day £180 

Group (up to 4 people) - £25 extra per person

Classic Climbs

Where: Anywhere in the Lake District, other locations negotiable. 

Who for: People with some experience of rock climbing and seconding roped climbs who want to learn more and develop their skills or have specific routes that you would like to climb 

Programme: Many aspects of rock climbing can be covered depending on your interest, while doing some of the country’s most iconic rock climbs 

One to one full day- £180 

Group (up to 2 people)- £200

Learning/Improving Trad Leading

Where: This can take place outside at either single or multi-pitch climbing venues 

Who for: Anyone with previous experience who wants to learn to lead or improve their leading skills. 

Programme: Reviewing basics and assessing your needs, moving on to leading, choosing routes, placing rock protection, building belays, rope management skills and self-rescue 


One to One full day £200 – belayer is required 

2 People £220

2 Hours Indoor Wall Session

Improvers and/or Leading 

Where: King Kong Keswick wall or Kendal Climbing Centre 

Who for: Suitable for all levels, including beginners. 

Programme: Movement coaching, identifying and addressing problem areas, leading indoors 

One to One £50 

Group (up to 4 people) - £10 extra per person 

entry to indoor climbing wall to be paid separately.

Self Rescue and Problem Solving

Advised for all climbers who intend to operate independently in an outdoor environment. 

Programme 1: At an indoor venue 

Covering the theory and principles of Self Rescue and practising them in a controlled environment. This course will demystify self-rescue giving clarity of understanding and confidence in practice. This can be run for any number from 2 to 10 people, and so is popular for clubs, colleges as well as climbing pairs. 

Group up to 8 people (min. 2 people) - £200 

Programme 2: Crag based 

Leading from programme 1 and taught in pairs on the crag. We cover escaping a route, giving aid to a stuck second, escaping the system, prussiking and improvised abseiling and pulley systems. This is particularly suitable for those working towards SPSA or MIA qualifications. It will leave you with clear methods of thinking through problem solving and applying all the various techniques efficiently. 

Group up to 4 people (min. 2 people) - £200


Where: Lake District ridges including spectacular and classic outings and lesser known gems. Atmospheric ghyll scrambles which give a wonderful experience of special beauty and intrigue. 

Who for: For all abilities including beginners. 

Programme: Tailored to ability including route choice, technique on rock, protecting steps and rope work. 


One to two people full day - £180 

Group (up to 6 people) - £20 extra per person

Navigation and Guided Walks

Where: On the fells in the Lake District. 

Programme: route planning, map and compass work, timings, pacing, micro-navigation, escape and emergency procedures. Or a guided walk. 

Who for: Your session will be tailor made depending on your level enabling you to develop the skills to navigate confidently in a mountain environment. Or if you simply want to have the assurance of an excellent guide on a day out on the fells. 


One to one half day - £80

Group (up to 6 people) - £15 extra per person 


Birketts are the 541 English peaks described in Bill Birketts 1994 guidebook, Complete Lakeland Fells. Pillar Rock in the Lake District National Park is the only Birkett that requires ropes to climb and is a moderate grade of difficulty. 

All approaches are long walks 2 -3 hours of walking ( Ennerdale, Wasdale, Buttermere), unless you book yourselves into Blacksail Y.H.A. where I could meet you, then the walk 1 hour along the high level route to Robinsons Cairn and Shamrock Traverse.

One person: £ 180

Two People: £200

Three People: £220

Pillar Rock

Family Groups

Where: On the fells of the Lake District 

Who for: Up to 4 people, minimum 1 participating adult. No experience necessary 


Programme: Tailored to your group. Activities can be joined to make a fun day for the family e,g, scrambling and navigation or climbing and abseiling. Or you may want to share the experience of a classic climb or learn and develop your skills together. 


2 people full day - £180 

Group (up to 4 people) - £20 extra per person

Get in touch with Mandy directly to discuss and arrange your course. Feel free to give her a call on 07817025363 or send her an email or text and she will get back in touch with you.