• Mandy Glanvill

Climb Safely as Lockdown Loosens

Social Responsibility in the Pandemic, beyond the easing of lockdown to allow small groups to meet outdoors general advice remains the same with social distancing and hand hygiene remaining crucial in preventing transmission:

-Keep 2m apart from anyone outside of your household.

-Hand hygiene is crucial, but washing hands properly is impractical in the outdoors. Carry and use hand sanitiser after any contact with surfaces or shared equipment.

-Current World Health Organisation advice on which hand sanitisers kill the Covid-19 virus is that they should contain 80% alcohol to be effective.

-Keeping 2 m apart while Instructing Scrambling and rock climbing is not possible, I feel I can not provide a service safely at this present time, and will be looking to restart next year.

I am available for guided walks where physical distancing is practical.

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