• Mandy Glanvill

Have you done all your Birketts?

Birketts are the 541 English peaks described in Bill Birketts 1994 guidebook, Complete Lakeland Fells. Pillar Rock in the Lake District National Park is the only Birkett that requires ropes to climb.

There are two ways to the top of this isolated summit, both are Moderate grade of difficulty. They were the first routes to get to the top of the rock.’ Old West Routes’ first ascent was in 1826 and is 150 m long. ‘Slab and Notch’ was climbed in 1863 and is 60 m lon.g The route chosen is either up to you or determined by the weather conditions.

The descent from both is an abseil 20 m into Jordan Gap.

All approaches are long walks 2 -3 hours of walking ( Ennerdale, Wasdale, Buttermere), unless you book yourselves into Blacksail Y.H.A. where I could meet you, then the walk 1 hour along the high level route to Robinsons Cairn and Shamrock Traverse.

1:1 £ 150

2:1 £165

3:1 £180

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